Distance is an experimental dance film exploring how a brilliant woman externalizes her frustration with her lack of recognition through dance. However, it is the power and mystery of space and science that she fell in love with in the first place and perhaps that love is enough. A Timecode Pictures and Bowbemma Productions Film.

The Sights and Sounds of Kenya

Check out this great video made while on safari for two weeks in Kenya at Lewa, Laikipia, Masai Mara, and Nairobi National Park. Could only pack 30lbs total of belongings so a tripod and stabilizer had to be left behind, sorry!

A Fruitful Discussion

Written, shot, and edited in less than 48 Hours for the 2019 AT&T 48 Hour Create-A-Thon. Topic had to tackle "fruit".


Submission for Tisch's 48 Hour Film Festival. Winner of the festival's "Best Picture" and "Best Editing". We had 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a film. We had to use the following: a character that was an "operator", a nail as a prop, and the line "Of course I didn't tell her/him".


Genevieve is about a girl who believes her life is a movie. And she's the star.

Made for Tisch's annual 48 Hour Film Festival
Winner of: Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Score

Greater Fools Episode 1, Park Scene

Sneak Peek of Episode 1 of Greater Fools directed by Emma DeMuth